Commercial Metal Wall Panels/Composite Panels
Nicholas Evanoff Company can provide you with a variety of metal wall panel systems, profiles, colors, and textures to create a unique building design. Metal composite materials (MCM) or ACM can be fabricated from a wide range of materials like aluminum, Zinc, copper, and stainless steel, however, aluminum remains the industry standard. The metal composite panels are fabricated by companies like Alucobond & Reynobond, and then these panels are formed and manufactured into a variety of different types of wall panels systems by a number of wall panel system manufacturers. Some of our Partners also provide aluminum plate panel systems, which help reduce or eliminate dents and damage in high traffic areas.
These Metal Wall Panel System Manufacturers combine aesthetics and affordability to provide a consistency & precision in the metal composite systems which make these wall panels among some of the best materials to construct or accent your building. Building owners and architects looking to make a design statement should consider metal composite materials (MCM) for the exterior cladding of their building design. These wall panels can be curved and formed into various shapes that can be applied the building structure and easily create many architectural designs.
Metal composite materials panels have been used in construction projects for over 20 years. They are fabricated by bonding two metal skins to an engineered plastic core sandwiched between them creating the panel.
Nicholas Evanoff Company and our partners are able to provide a wall panel system to meet the distinctive needs of your project. If you are interested in MCM, ACM, or would like Nicholas Evanoff Company to help design a wall panel system that is right for your project, contact us at (717)564-8500.

Concealed Fastener Panels/Exposed Fastener Panels
Profile panel systems like a Concealed Fastener or Exposed Fastener panel (R, PBR, or IR type) are light in weight offer a large range of styles, profiles, materials, and colors. These types of panels are installed in an overlapping fashion and offer a high performance panel system for use as a building cladding, screen walls, and soffits. Nicholas Evanoff Company can offer a full range of color options and are able to provide custom color matches, anodized aluminum finishes, and copper panels, if so desired.

If a concealed or exposed fastener panel application interests you, please contact Nicholas Evanoff Company at (717)564-8500 to consult one of our estimators for details.

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